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6-4-2009 Hello Edward: I just wanted you to know that I rec'd my Lexus key today and it works ...

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Denise Mc.     
Customer Testimonials
Testimonial by R. Hooser from GA, USA
Subject: Another Satisfied Customer

Thank you very much for my key shell. Everything worked great.
Testimonial by Brad C. from Vienna, VA
Subject: Great Service

I just wanted to thank you for the great service I received from your company. I ordered 2 replacement keys for my Lexus and the were sent out the same day, I received them 2 business days later and they worked great. Your customer service was excellent, I saved over $600 when compared to what the Lexus dealership was wanting to charge.
Testimonial by Namuun Batbold from CA, USA
Subject: Best Service- Affordable, Reliable

Responsive, reliable, considerable cheaper than competitors, fast, and great customer support. I wasn't expecting to get my Lexus RX 300 keys replaced for less than $200 according to some service providers. Sparecarkeys luckily was one of the first websites to come up on search, and I was able to receive swift solution for less than half of prices quoted by other Lexus key duplicators. Thank you also for helping with coding my keys over the phone. Great job!

Click to view: Lexus RX 300 key
Testimonial by Linda M. from Suisun Valley, CA
Subject: Feedback

I got my keys yesterday - a new master and a new key with shell head. After looking over the programming instructions I was a little dubious about my ability to not screw up the steps since my husband usually does the "car" stuff and he is out of town. Anyway this morning I went out there, reread the instructions and dove in. 10 minutes later and only one re-do (on the door part) I had it all done including reinstalling my old chip into the new shell. Everything works like a charm. Plus you have about the most polite and efficient customer service department I have ever worked with. I am so happy I chose you to do business with and will do so again if needed.
Testimonial by Girish J. from Houston, TX
Subject: Outstanding Service

Hope you, family and friends had a wonderful Thanksgiving. As you promissed, key did show up on Wednesday. Programing was easy with your instructions. Again, Thank you very much for outstanding Service.
Testimonial by Richard H.
Subject: Lexus Transponder/Remote

My Lexus key arrived yesterday as promised. I installed my transponder/remote unit and everything works fine. Thank you for the quick service and the quality product. Regards, Richard H.
Testimonial by Gilbert Y. from Honolulu, Hawaii
Subject: Great customer service!

One thing i look for in a company is customer service and this company is by far one of the best I've worked with. Ed keeps me updated and my keys came in on time. I'll do business again for sure. Thanks again!
Testimonial by tom from valencia, ca
Subject: spare lexus key

Ever since we lost our second master key, my wife and I have been sharing the only master key for our Lesus. What a pain ! When I got the spare key, I programmed the spare key with the attached instruction without any problem. I highly recommend this merchant. Great and prompt service !!!
Testimonial by Rick P from North Carolina
Subject: Fast Service

Key works great! Thanks for the fast service, 4 days from placing order to receipt.
Testimonial by Linda from Colorado Springs
Subject: Thanks!

Thank you for your excellent service! I received my spare key within 48 hours. When I had trouble programming my key"Spare Car Keys" talked me through the process on the phone and got my key working. "Spare Car Keys" saved me over $100.00! Thanks, Linda
Testimonial by Mark I. from USA
Subject: Order Update

Hello, Thanks for calling me when you didn't have proof of ownership sent to you. I had made a mistake in the website name so it didn't go to your mailbox. Fortunately you called first thing Monday morning and I was able to quickly re-send proof of ownership. I still received my key two days later (2nd day air). I am very happy with saving 45% of what it would have cost me at my local (and sometimes snobby) Lexus dealer. It works perfectly. Saving $125 makes it a lot easier to forgive myself for losing the key! Regards, Mark I.
Testimonial by James Cannon from Louisiana, USA
Subject: Lexus RX 300 Spare Key

The instructions and procedure to program the key to the car was easy to understand and perform. Initially, the key would not turn in the ignition, so I followed the recommendations. I shot WD-40 into the ignition key slot about 3 times over several hours. I also ran a wire brush wheel across both keys and then after sliding the keys into and out of the ignition several times they began to work. I have to push in as I turn to get it to work, but I am very much satisfied. I definitely recommend this product.

Click to view: 1999-2003 LEXUS RX300 Non-Remote Transponder Key
Testimonial by Edward Daniel from Georgia,USA
Subject: Thank You

Received the key just two days after ordering it and had it programmed to work in my car in a couple of minutes. Thanks for the great service and saving $$$$.

Click to view: Lexus LS400 Key
Testimonial by William B. from Harwood, MD
Subject: Duplicate Key For 2002 Lexus IS 300

Absolutely excellent service. The keys were delivered this morning and it took me all of 15 minutes to complete the programming after I got home from work. I still can not believe how much money I saved by NOT going to the Lexus dealership.
Testimonial by Michael from Ca. USA
Subject: spare key

received spare for my RX, I sent my code the key was done well. Good job! Programming was a challenge but in no way was it related to spare car keys. I spoke with Ed and did not give up. The RX did not co operate but after multiple tries the key is programed. No complaints.

Click to view: RX300
Testimonial by Don C from ALABAMA
Subject: Thank You

Thank you for your prompt and professional service. Happy New Year!
Testimonial by Wayne B. from USA
Subject: Order Update

Thanks for the email update, you seem to be on top of every detail. I'm glad we went with Spare Car Keys and not a fly by night company.
Testimonial by Cameron L. from USA
Subject: 2001 Lexus IS 300

Thanks for all the help. I am back in town, got the key and it works like a charm! Thanks again... I'll be sure to leave feedback on your site - and I'll definitely be contacting you again for more keys when needed.
Testimonial by Ron T from Lancaster, CA
Subject: New Lexus Key

Ordered my key on the 18th (a Saturday night) and had it in hand on the 27th with UPS Ground. What a refreshing experience to receive great service and an excellent product for a great price! Thank you for what you do. I spent several hours searching the Internet including a bunch of Ebay Stores trying to find a key and then figuring out how to get it cut also since no Locksmith in this area cuts laser keys. I didn't want to drive 70 or 80 miles to LA just for a Locksmith. But instead you made my life so much easier. Highly recommend this site to anyone needing a new fancy key.
Testimonial by John K. from New Kensington, PA
Subject: Excellent Service

I just wanted to say thank you for such remarkably fast service. I ordered my key on 8/19 (late) and received it today (8/20)! This is my second key from you and last time was equally impressive. I ordered a key prior to that from a place called toylex and that was a nightmare-took over a month and the owner was a genuinely mean individual. Thank you again.
Testimonial by Laura W from NC
Subject: Duplicate Key for 200 Lexus 300

Received my key yesterday and it worked like a charm. I appreciate your quick turn around time and the price savings were definitely a plus. I will recommend your services to friends and neighbors.
Testimonial by STEVE from NEW MEXICO U.S.A

Testimonial by Steve L. from SC, USA
Subject: Remote Head Key

The new key works perfectly! I recently purchased a used 2002 SC430 which only came with 1 master key. Concerned that if that key was lost or damaged I would be stuck having to reflash my ECU, which is very $$$! Ordered they key, scanned and emailed the documentation and (once I sent it to the CORRECT addy lol) I had my new key in a couple of days. I went through the procedure to activate the new key in my car and VOILA! Brand new key! Thank you guys so much. I now have peace of mind!

Click to view: Click here for additional information
Testimonial by Lynn owens from pennsylvania,usa
Subject: 3rd order

I've owned lexus es300 & rx300-great cars-bad keys. initially found you guys on internet-had broken shells replaced for both cars-save at least 50 %.This time wife lost remote key rx300,received replacement couple days-works great-had to program couple times,but did it without help.Thanks for great product,price & service.
Testimonial by Bob D
Subject: Thank You

Well, I need to express very deep appreciation and gratitude for your service, your support and your patience with walking me through my "trepidations and challenges" in programming the new key. Everything you said turned out exactly right and mercy I just can't thank you enough. If I can do this anyone can...and with the way you support your customers I am sure everyone can. And thanks for saving me a bunch of money too! Your loyal customer who is telling everyone about your service, Bob
Testimonial by Denise Mc. from USA
Subject: Lexus Key

6-4-2009 Hello Edward: I just wanted you to know that I rec'd my Lexus key today and it works great. Glad I found you on the internet as I didn't want to have to go to the Lexus dealership and pay through the nose for a new key. Thank you so much.
Testimonial by Marvin R. from Virginia
Subject: Very Pleased

My key arrived Wednesday and works perfectly. I'm very pleased with the quick and effective service.
Testimonial by Fae from California
Subject: Needed a spare Fast!

Thank you for a great product. My key 'shell' had cracked and the dealer would've charged me at least 150 plus i'd have to wait at least a week for a spare to be made somewhere offsite. When visiting your site, all i needed to buy was the shell and put the 'guts' inside. With my keycode, the key was cut and i received my new key in less 2 days from ordering! thank you soo much! the key works perfectly!

Click to view: Lexus Replacement Key
Testimonial by Michelle from Arizona, USA
Subject: The key works!

Everything went smoothly; from the moment I ordered the key, the delivery was on-time, and I was able to complete the programming... no problem. I appreciate the secure, reliable, quick service and simple programming instructions. I'm so glad I didn't have to go to the Lexus dealer. Thank you so much!
Testimonial by Roger L from Texas
Subject: 2nd Order

I just ordered another key for my Lexus. I needed two when I ordered the first time but I wasn't certain the key would work. My mistake! Works great and saved a bunch by not ordering from a dealer.
Testimonial by ROBYN from Dayton, OH USA
Subject: Thanks

Thanks a bunch! Y'all rock - saved me a bundle on a couple of keys and we are thrilled. It took us a while to get over the instructions, which we thought were hilarious. Kind of felt like we should have done the Hokey Pokey after a couple of steps. Thanks again, great products, great service and support.
Testimonial by Samantha from Nashille, TN
Subject: Thank You!

Hello, I just wanted to thank you for sending me another key after the first one would not unlock my doors or trunk. I received the second key last night and it works great! Thank you so much for following up and pleasing a customer, you will be recommended by me!
Testimonial by Fred Bunin from Hollywood Fla.
Subject: Great Customer Service

I called and talked to Ed, He was so easy to talk to and the professialism was great .He talked me thru the program and it worked great,just wanted to Thank You and I will tell anyone who need a replacement key. Thanks Again Fred B Hollywood Fla.

Click to view: remote key for Luxus RX300
Testimonial by Jim from Salem, OR USA
Subject: Reputable Business

The key arrived tonight, on the day scheduled, and it works! Thank you so much for the help. I appreciate you including the code in the package.
Testimonial by R. Reid from Alaska, USA
Subject: Amount applied to my credit card!

I want to personally thank you all for the great service provided there. If the Lexus guys only knew how good you are they would have probably try to contract your services. I knew that it would have cost me $285.00 plus other hidden charges not mentioned at the dealership to have keys replacements done. I also knew that information about everything and anything is available on the internet, so after my key finally broke at the base where the metal and plastic is known to break at, I went on an online search and evaluated a few offered services then decided on trying you for service. The keys came straight to my mail box in 2 days. I often make orders to the lower 48 from Alaska and pay for express deliveries and they usually take 7 10 days. You are the best and I would recommend you to any one, any time.
Testimonial by mike from southern california
Subject: Extra Key

I want to personally thank Ed and the entire Spare Car Key staff. They were extremely responsive. The phones are answered on the first ring and the staff is always curteous. I ordered a spare key for my 17 year old Lexus after getting a quote for over $200 at a local Lexus dealer. Fast service...I ordered the spare late one Friday and it was shipped out on the following Monday. When we first got the key, it fit into the ignition but it wouldn't turn. I called and spoke to Ed. He was extremely helpful and mentioned this was common with new keys. He instructed me to spray some WD40 into the ignition, slide the new key in and out 15-20 times and then give it a try. Well, it worked like a charm. I cannot say enough good things about my experiences with
Testimonial by Scotty D from Ontario, Canada
Subject: '03 ES 300

I sent in the serial number for the car, and these guys cut a replacement master shell and a valet key at the same time. They sent in through USPS and it cleared Canada Customs and arrived at my house 5 days later. Replaced the electronic controls in the shell, put the key in the ignition and it fit and started. The valet key had the programming instructions included - step on the throttle three times, hit the brake, pull the key out, wait two seconds and blink your eyes twice - and it worked too! Compare to the dealer at $500 for the remote and only $100 less for a valet key after programming and cutting - my whole bill was $150 with Spare Car Keys. They included the key codes for my reference, too. Great service, delivered on time with no monkey business. An excellent customer service moment of truth!

Click to view: Replacment Shell
Testimonial by Scott J from Blacksburg, VA
Subject: Excellent Service

Received and all worked first time. Thanks so much. Excellent service, and extremely hard to find even on web.
Testimonial by EMILY from BRANDON, MS USA
Subject: THANK YOU

Simply outstanding. Quick turn around, Received the keys, inserted the electronics, tested them, PERFECT. Thanks for the efficient service.
Testimonial by Joe E from USA
Subject: Thanks for the Service

Just wanted to thank your guys for my order, specifically Ted from Tech Support. He was very professional, but most importantly, he was very patient in assisting me in programming my new key. Glad to know that there are still some companies out there that make customer service a top priority. A Happy Customer
Testimonial by Abigail Kelm from Arizona, USA
Subject: Lexus Key

I just received my key last night in the mail and it couldn't have been a better experience. It was easily ordered on a Wednesday night, shipped on a Friday and I got the key on Monday. The instructions for reset couldn't have been any better! Worked right away! The billed hour at the dealership to do this wouldn't have been worth it! Thank you Abigail Kelm

Click to view: spare key
Testimonial by Rebecca H from WA
Subject: Thank You

Everything in life should be this easy. Thank you for providing a fully functioning, quality alternative to the ridiculous Lexus key situation.
Testimonial by ED
Subject: Thank you...thank you!!

I truly appreciate your fast service and the personal assistance Ed offered during my programming phase and FOB phases well. I must admit I'm one of those men that do not read instructions but merely scan them for the basics.


Ed, thanks a million for your patience and time. I certainly will use you folks again and will highly recommend you to all my family and friends for their vehicle key needs. Had I gone to the Lexus dealer the FOB key alone would have cost $ 360.00.


So, needless to say I saved a bunch using You haven't heard the last of me (and I mean that in a good way!)Hopefully I'll meet you on the road some day during our two wheeled rides. I'll be the guy on the Marine Corps theme Fatboy.


Thanks again,

Ed A.

USMC (Ret.)

SD Sheriff's Department (Ret.)

Testimonial by BILL from PORTLAND, OR USA

your business ethics are beyond reproach, it has been a pleasure to do business with you and your company - from my phone conversation when your web site was not working and subsequent e- mails, through the order process, correcting the delivery address and finally the unexpected but warranted credit. Not to mention that the keys are as advertised - the keys look and feel like I will not have any problems with the case breaking as I did with the original keys or as I did with replacements that bought from another company. I did indeed choose the right company this time!
Testimonial by LISA from JOHNSTON, IA USA
Subject: NEW SHELL

Keys worked perfectly. Many thanks for your service. Will recommend your company in the future and always come to you first with any key replacement needs.
Testimonial by Sandra K. from Buford, GA
Subject: Spare Key for Lexus

Just to say thank you... Key works great..Your help was fantastic.
Testimonial by ilene from OR, USA
Subject: Great service/product

I got my keys today and they work! Thanks for providing this service. You saved me over $200 per key as compared to what Lexus charges.
Testimonial by Jim S. from Carmichael, CA
Subject: Saved Money

I received the two keys yesterday and it took about one minute each to change the electronics from the old keys to these new ones and they both work perfectly. Thank you for this good service. You saved me several hundred dollars by not buying them at the Lexus dealership. Keep up the good work. 6-4-2009
Testimonial by Carl Glover from Tennessee, USA
Subject: 2004 Lexus ES330

A little pricey, since I have since discovered that I could have gotten two pre-cut keys from a reliable eBay dealer for less than a third of the cost of only one here. Nevertheless, the key fits well and shell appears sturdy. I just dislike having spent over $40 more than I needed to.

Click to view: Pre-cut spare key
Testimonial by Mati from Palatine, Illinois
Subject: Great Service and Product

Great service and product. I order a replacement key shell for my 1999 Lexus. Received it within 3 days and it worked like a charm the minute I transfer the electronic into the new shell. Pay less than $80.00 and save over $200.00 had I purchase my key from the dealer or local lock smith. "Spare Car Keys" is the way to go!!!!! Thanks so much!!!

Click to view: Click here for additional information
Testimonial by Tonya from NC, USA
Subject: Thank You

Ordered key on February 24 and received it on March 2. Comforting to know I don't have to find a lock smith if (when) I lock my keys in car. Thank you for great service.

Click to view: spare key
Testimonial by Sherri Drumm from North Carolina
Subject: Extra Key

Thank you you are a life saver I almost had a heart attack when I called Lexus and they told me that an extra key would cost $265.00 then luckily I found you guys and got my key for $62.95 and it works great. Thanks a million since my kids will be sure to lock my keys in my car. The programming was easy and it works great again thank you for the great deal and pleasant conversation on the phone. You guys are great ...

Click to view: Lexus IS300
Testimonial by Stevie C. from MO, USA
Subject: Product works!!

I would like to thank sparecarkeys for having a replacement shell product for my Lexus RX 300. Like all the other testimonals, the Lexus dealership was wanting to charge a lot more. I found your guys from the Lexus owner group on-line. So, I decided to check you guys out. I ordered the product , swamped out the electronic module from my original key shell and placed in into my new replacement. I went to the garage and unlock doors, glove compartment box and started the car up with no problems. I immediately got back on-line an ordered a second one for me. The only thing that I regret is having to pay for shipping the second time but that's my fault for not ordering two shells in the first place. I am confidence customer of your product and I have found a company that I can get replacements with confidence. Thanks.

Click to view: Lexus remote shell
Testimonial by M. Walker from Texas
Subject: Super Fast Service

Superfast service. Keep up the good work. Thanks!
Testimonial by VIC from MI, USA
Subject: LEXUS KEY

Testimonial by Barbara S. from Sykesville, MD
Subject: Thank You

Hi I just wanted to say, I received my new key shell for my Lexus RX330. My transponder fit just right, and the key was cut perfectly. I was very pleased with the experience and will be sure to recommend your services, or use you again if needed. Thanks so much
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